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Scanning into Minecraft

Scanning into Minecraft

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For those of you who don’t know – Minecraft is a quite famous game that allows you to place and destroy the 3D Blocks the world is made of. Usually, to get something from the real world into Minecraft, you would have to deal with editing the Minecraft map in order to insert something directly into it. Thought it would be an interesting thing to do, so I created a vbscript that converts a full color PLY file into a series of Minecraft commands. This allowed me scan my face, apply some voxelation (3D pixelation) to it, then run a script on the file, open a world in Minecraft and run the import script. How this was done means it can be done on local or remote servers, you don’t need access to the map data- you just need cheats enabled so you can run the fill blocks...

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