3D Scanning with Kinect v2

3D scan of full body

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For our next adventure, we will be working on merging multiple 3d scans into a full body model.

When we are done we will upload a video like the others.


Alignment Tips

Keep in mind that if you keep aligning scans wrong then by the time you finish you may have extra features or missing features.

After a quick rush through, the only flaw in the scan was double elbows.3d-scan-double-elbow

Extra features mean that 2 scans weren’t properly aligned before creating the final mesh, same thing happens for missing features or thin arms.

This did happen with the rush alignment, I just wanted to make sure there was enough model data to complete the final model, I was surprised that it turned out so well on the first try while being sloppy.

So, pick points that are easily distinguishable and effect the final outcome of the render- it doesn’t have to be 100% accurate, just close enough so the fine-tune alignment can work.


In the above image is circled in red areas that are easily distinguishable and effect the final mesh. Who knew those picture matching games would actually help out with real world work.

Because the Kinect 2 distortion, more scans actually makes it more difficult to get an accurate alignment, the fewer scans the easier the alignment process will go – it’s a balance between capturing enough data to get the 3d model, but not too much data that it’s hard to align properly.

Another Picture!


Well, this next video will probably be a long one, getting a full model stitched together can be tricky. I’ve had to discard several captures as too many captures was making things difficult.

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