3D Scanning with Kinect v2

3D scan of shoulders and head

By on Nov 5, 2015 | 0 comments

While getting the scans merged together for a head/shoulder scan, we’ve found a couple problems that will need to be worked around.

Hair scans poorly

While aligning two scans we noticed that the hair was not lining up, and that it actually couldn’t line up correctly because it became deformed -depending the angle scanned.

The solution is simple, certain angles will give lower quality scan data, the scan with less surface area and would contribute less to the model seems to be the bad data. Trimming the false hair would improve the quality of scan without losing any data (the complete area of hair shows up on the good scan).

Fewer features to map the back with

While trying to attach the back together, it’s considerably more difficult to attach the back together. The front has very distinguishable marks between scans (nose, chin, eyebrows) – where the back has shirt wrinkles, general spots on shoulders.

We will be digging into this more to try to find the best approach to aligning the back. It looks like it will involve first aligning the front of the scan, and then attaching the back to it.

Initial Results

shoulder-head-3d-model We were able to overcome the initial obstacles and will be working on the video today.



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