3D Scanning with Kinect v2



Scan from Life is the name of the software/services created by Spark Harvest, LLC for 3D Scanning. The 3D Scanning software/services is oriented towards enabling photographers to creating full color miniatures for their clients.

We want to make it possible and simple for photographers to sell 3D Miniatures to their clients.

We currently sell software and also hardware kits* (*if you don’t have a laptop that will work with the Kinect V2).

Scan From Life: Standard

The Standard edition will allow you to create Hi-Res single direction scans. You can manually align multiple scans to create a complete 3D mesh for printing.

Scan From Life: Pro (not available)

The Pro edition will allow you to capture multiple scans and automatically align them.


We were at the Tyler Mini Maker Faire on April 18 2015.

Note: Scan from Life is in no way affiliated with Microsoft. We are an entirely separate company that has created a product that is dependent on a Microsoft owned product.