3D Scanning with Kinect v2

Average Depth Change vs Depth Interference

By on Mar 18, 2015 |


Average Depth Change

The Average Depth Change averages the change in distance around a pixel. So if the pixel being viewed has 2 pixels on each side of it that are +2mm and -2mm, the total change would be 4 and average out to 2. The average is then used to color the pixel: 1-10 will color it blue, 1-100 will color it green, 1-1000 will color it red.

The option to change the sensitivity just multiples the average depth by the sensitivity setting. If the sensitivity level is too high, the blue and green streams cut off so the display is still distinguishable.

Depth Interference Display

The Depth Interference shows in red how much each pixel has changed from the prior frame; if there is no pixel data then it is colored dark red.


How to utilize

The Average Depth Change will let you see when angles are too steep, the Interference Display will show you ‘static’ or when there is too much change frame to frame.

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