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Beta Angle Alignment – working on Z

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What we’ve fixed

We found a problem where the angle detection along x/y axis was off by up to 5 degrees; this has been fixed. The fixed involved creating an algorithm to check the detected angle against the desired axis and to make adjustments until the angle is less than 0.01 degree off the target angle.

Walk through of current angle alignment process

This image was taken with the scanner tilted on all axes. The purpose to is check out how the angle orientation is working.

First we select an area on the Orientation Image.

Then we click the button “front” to set the selected area as being the ‘front’ of the room.
The color has changed because the depth angles are now different due to the updated orientation information.

Here we can see, resaving the mesh will have the updated angle information.

It’s difficult to tell in the above image, but the x/y axis are lined up, however, the z axis still needs to be rotated.

Now we select the right wall.


Click on the button ‘right’ will use the selected area to mean the right wall. The program then calculates what the z rotation is and updates the image.


Saving the mesh now results in a very well aligned mesh.


What we are still working on

As you can see in the image above, the z-axis of rotation is still off by a couple degrees, we will most likely use the same algorithm that fixed the problem with aligning the x/y axes.

After making changes, there is still no angle correction as you can see in this picture here.


We will have to try a different approach to get the z-aligned perfectly.


I think we’ve got it figured out, there is still a variation but it looks like under 0.1 degrees.


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