3D Scanning with Kinect v2

Beta Angle Alignment

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Before applying angles

angles-first look-no alignment

After applying angles (in scanning software)

angles-first look

First run

Just finished the first angle alignment run- this angle adjustment is done within the scanning software instead of using the mesh alignment tool in meshlab.

Even though these scans were taken at different angles, they appear to be properly aligned.

Moving the images on top of eachother

angles-first look-no height alignment

Transpose hasn’t been added in the program yet, we need to make sure angles are correct first. Here I handle manually moving the images to be lined up.

Current Result

angles-first look-semi-aligned

After a couple minutes of moving the images on top of each other, we can see the current result. Currently there is a error range of 2 degrees, this is clearly too much as you can see even though the head is lined up, the angle causes the legs to be misaligned.

What we are changing from here

This was done only using alignment off of 1 surface, we know we’ll have to have at least 2 surfaces for correct alignment, but it was worth a quick detour to see how it would look.

Once we get the alignment error range low enough so an image can be aligned just by using transpose (no rotation), then we’ll make it so the images can be aligned to each other within the scanning program.

Future uses

The angle adjusting and pre-alignment is key to making it so scanners can be pre-aligned which makes it so it can be from scan directly to 3d model without any manual work.

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