3D Scanning with Kinect v2

Buffering 3D Scans

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Without the Buffer

Before, when something was scanned with the Kinect V2, it would immediately go through several filters to clean up the data and then it would save it to the computer. This could add several seconds of waiting in between captures. Considering a scan involves processing ~45mb of data different ways and multiple times, even a faster machine would still add some delay between scans.

Option added to buffer scans

bufferscans Instead of working on each scan right after it is captured, the scans can remain in the computer memory. In a worst case scenario a computer could hold at least a dozen scans. It’s been much easier to scan someone without waiting on the laptop to catchup. A couple seconds may seem trivial, but 10 scans with a 3 second delay means the person had to hold still for half a minute more.

Another added benefit

Since we’ve separated the process of scanning, and processing the scan- this means that a separate computer could be used to process the scans. Or in other words, we’ll eventually have it so multiple systems can scan together.

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