3D Scanning with Kinect v2

Camera Orientation

By on Mar 25, 2015 |

camera orientation

The Camera Orientation settings allow for the 3D Scan to be standing upright when the camera is scanning at an angle. Pictured above is the ground highlighted while the camera is at a -37.3 degrees and a height of 1.3 meters. There is a foam display board lying on the ground to show how well tuned the camera alignment is.

How it Works

Normally, anything you scan will be considered oriented to the Scanner. This means that if you have the scanner at a 45 degree angle, the 3D scan will come out at a 45 degree angle.

By specifying the angles of rotation, the scan area will automatically adjust itself to be upright.

The ground can be highlighted, making it easier to make sure that the camera orientation is correct.

Easier Alignments

The main use of this is to make aligning 3D scans easier, as you will only need to transpose (move) the 3D scan and you won’t need to rotate it.

Another use of this is having the scans already standing upright, so when attaching a base, the object is already standing up correctly.

This is also used in auto aligning scans (currently only planned for the pro version).

Note: Scan from Life is in no way affiliated with Microsoft. We are an entirely separate company that has created a product that is dependent on a Microsoft owned product.