3D Scanning with Kinect v2

Feature: wait for no movement

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wait for no movement

When enabled, this will help prevent captures if there is too big of a change horizontally.

The frames will continue to be added to the capture by replacing older frames. Once it can cycle through all frames in a loop and see that there isn’t an invalid change between frames, then it finishes the capture.

This has been created in a way to minimize processor usage.

specifics of how it works

It scans every 10th pixel across x and every 10th across the y. It starts at xy 20,20 and ends at xy 490,390; this cut off is because the edges tend to be distorted anyways. Once it finds a pixel that has changed by more than 500mm, it checks the surrounding pixels to see if they vary that much also. If they vary that much also then it registers that the frames don’t match.


This will be enabled by default. It helps to prevent captures that have movement in them- which would result in a ruined scan.

when it won’t work

The difference has to be greater than 500mm, if it isn’t then it will assume the scan is okay. Moving forward/backwards probably won’t trigger it. If the background is less than 500mm away, it probably won’t trigger it.

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