3D Scanning with Kinect v2

Hardware Kit

complete kit_sm

What’s in the kit?

The kit includes everything you need to 3D Scan:

  • ASUS Laptop with Windows 8.1
  • 3D Scanner: Kinect V2
  • Tripod for the Kinect V2
  • Cord to connect the Kinect to the computer
  • Scan From Life: Standard Edition software


  • claim the market when you offer 3D models to your photography clients
  • easy way to enter the fast-growing field of 3D scanning and printing
  • LOW COST: other systems with this kind of capability cost thousands.
  • Kit includes everything you need: software, hardware, and a computer compatible with both
  • Plug & play: we’ll set it up for you. When it arrives, plug it in and it works.
  • watch your kids or grandkids grow as you take annual scans
  • preserve your beloved pet
  • perfect addition to sports portraits
  • ownership over the process. Your projects, your way. No subscriptions or long-term dependence on third parties. Build YOUR business, not someone else’s.
  • Easy and simple: Minimal training. Most people will be able to take professional scans after one trial run. Only a few scans make a full 3-dimensional model.
  • 3D models give more value to clients than a flat 2D portrait. WOW factor.
  • We’ve price shopped to get the lowest possible price on high quality hardware to go with our custom software.

All-in-one solution

It’s actually hard to find a computer that will work with the Kinect V2 Scanner, and even harder to find software that will do what you want. We scoured businesses for the right equipment and wrote our own software to get you exactly the right package.
Because each scanner is calibrated uniquely, we set up your computer to work with your scanner. When it arrives, plug it in and everything’s ready to go for your first scan.

If you already have a Kinect V2, you may just need the Standard Edition Software. Be sure your computer will work with the Kinect and that you have a cord to connect the scanner to your computer.


If you would like to use multiple scanners, you’ll need multiple kits. We recommend 3 for optimal performance.

Note: Scan from Life is in no way affiliated with Microsoft. We are an entirely separate company that has created a product that is dependent on a Microsoft owned product.