3D Scanning with Kinect v2

Project Folder Structure

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Automatic folder creation

Within a project folder will be 6 sub folders, each of these folders contains a different type of data. These folders are automatically created when a new project is started.


Files that contain information about the different scanning devices (currently only Kinect V2). This will help with color/depth alignment and determining default orientation of raw files.


Files that are used to coordinate tasks across different devices. In here will be the current frame number being used and also temporary files that signal commands across devices on separate machines.


The data from the Kinect V2 prior to filtering, files are tagged so it can be known which device settings should be used to process the data.

The color images can be modified in this folder prior to rendering if touchups need to be done.


This contains the ply mesh files and MeshLab project files- so after raw files are filtered and rendered, they are then saved as mesh files in here.


After a model has been completed and confirmed to be solid and printable, you are able to name it and it will be stored in this folder as a ply file.


Any orders you create in the program will be stored in this folder for later viewing.

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