3D Scanning with Kinect v2

Standard Edition

With Scan From Life: Standard Edition you can get a 3D snapshot using the Kinect V2. The 3D snapshot can then be combined with other 3D snapshots to create a full color 3D model that can then be printed.

What does the software do?

Watch a draft walkthrough here:

Clean up bad data

The Kinect V2 is more of a Motion Sensor than a 3D Scanner, because of this there is a lot of unusable data that comes from the sensor. Our software does several cleanup filters on the data coming from the Kinect V2. It also detects certain criteria for ‘bad data’ and removes it. This makes it so the majority of data provided is good data.

Quality not Quantity

Typical 3D Scan approach is to record several dozen 3D Snapshots and to average those together in real time. Because our software cleans up the data, there isn’t a need to process so many 3D Snapshots in real time. This makes it so the computer being used to 3D Scan doesn’t need to be fast, it just needs to be able to get data from the Kinect V2.

Highest Resolution directly into Full Color Mesh

The 3D Snapshot generated is directly from the sensor data, this means that the resolution provided is actually the highest possible. The closer you are to the sensor, the higher the detail will be. The software also automatically adds the color when creating the mesh.

Built-in MeshLab Scripts

MeshLab has a seemingly unlimited number of ways you can run filters and modify a mesh. We’ve simplified it by creating several scripts that can automatically do the normal routine of mesh processing.

Continued Development

We are continuing to develop our software and add features and improvements. If you need support or have a feature request, use the request info page to contact us.

Purchasing Standard Edition

If you haven’t done so already, please run the Kinect Compatibility Check to verify your system compatibility.

If you don’t have a Kinect V2, consider purchasing a Hardware Kit which includes the software and everything you need.

We currently sell the software for $75 and provide free updates, as we update the software we plan on raising the purchase price to match the value of the improvements, but you will not need to worry about the cost increase if you’ve already purchased the program.

On a future update we will provide license keys and possibly limit the number of installs per purchase, for now though, anyone can use the software on any machines that the purchaser owns. The purchaser may install it on a machine they do not own for demonstration purposes or for purchaser use only and should uninstall it after that to prevent accidental software piracy.

With all that said, click on the ‘Buy’ button below to be directed to a Paypal Checkout, after purchasing you’ll be directed to the download link.

Note: Scan from Life is in no way affiliated with Microsoft. We are an entirely separate company that has created a product that is dependent on a Microsoft owned product.